About Burden Museum & Gardens

A trip to Baton Rouge isn’t going to be complete without a visit to the Burden Museum & Gardens in Baton Rouge. If you love plants and flowers you must visit the gardens and the museum will is packed with interesting exhibits that showcase the history of Louisiana.

The entire area is on 440 acres and there are so many things to see. The botanic gardens have a huge selection of plants and flowers. You can explore wetlands and woodlands. There are over five miles of paths that wind through the woods.

There is a display garden and a rose garden on site. You will also find a children’s garden. There is something for everyone in the botanic gardens and it is a great place to spend an afternoon when you want to enjoy spending your day looking at something beautiful.

The rural life museum will teach you all about life in Louisiana. It is an outdoor museum that focuses on Louisiana in the 19th century. There are lots of artifacts that have come from plantations, farms and houses. The outdoor museum is huge and there are over 30 different buildings to explore that are going to make you feel like you have gone back in time.

The Windrush Gardens are a special place and you can lose yourself in huge oaks and crape myrtles. There are a variety of plants to explore and you get to relax under a shaded canopy as you explore the tranquillity of the gardens. You can walk down numerous paths and enjoy the beauty of the area. The Burden Museum & Gardens is a place that you will love and it is very impressive. This area has a lot to offer and the museum and gardens are going to be a wonderful place to explore and relax.

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