The Lakecrest Neighborhood

Lakecrest is a neighborhood in Baton Rouge that is close to Louisiana State University which makes it a great place to live if you work at the school or you go to school in the area. The neighborhood is small and approximately 400 people live in the neighborhood. Most of the residents own their own homes and the home prices are very reasonable in the area.

The neighborhood is walkable and there are grocery stores and restaurants that are easy to walk to. When you can walk to the restaurants it is a lot easier to get around without having to deal with the hassle of a car. Walking is good exercise and it helps you to get fit a lot faster. When you walk you can lose weight and get more fit.

Lakecrest has a community feel and there are always garage sales and parties in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is quiet and it is really safe. You can live there without having to worry so much about getting robbed or having other problems. The area is very convenient and it is easy to get around. The area is friendly and it feels peaceful. You can easily relax and this neighborhood and when you are looking for community you should consider moving to Lakecrest.

The neighborhood is very beautiful and it is well-maintained. Many of the residents love to garden and landscape their homes. Many people own dogs and they like to enjoy outdoor activities like biking and swimming. The area is easy to get around in and there are lots of things you can do when you move to the area. Lakecrest is a fun place to be. Home prices are affordable and it easy to find a home you like that has a reasonable price. If you are searching for homes consider moving to Lakecrest.

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