About USS Kidd Museum

The USS Kidd Museum is located in Baton Rouge. This memorial was designed to honor the military service of men and women in the armed forces. The USS Kid is a Fletcher-Class destroyer that has been turned into a museum and memorial. You can tour the ship and there are lots of exhibits that you can visit when you are touring the ship and it is a fascinating place to be.

If you want to wander around the ship and learn all about the history of the ship then you need to visit the ship in person. The ship has been restored and you will enjoy a unique experience when you tour the ship. The ship has been preserved and it looks just like it did in WW2.

There are a variety of exhibits you can visit and they also have regular special programs that you can take advantage of. The exhibits rotate and you learn so much about history when you visit this museum. The museum is fascinating and there is so much to learn. Being on the ship is very interesting and you learn so much when you are on the ship.

If you are interested in milliary history you want to make sure that you visit the USS Kidd museum when you are in Baton Rouge. The admission price is reasonable and you can take a guided tour or walk around on your own. Visiting the museum is a great way to spend a few hours and there are a variety of things to explore when you go to the museum.

Spending time on the USS Kidd will provide you with a unique experience that you will not forget any time soon. Exploring military history is fascinating. The destroyer is full of memorabilia and you see what things were like during the war.

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