About Samuell Farm

The next time you find yourself in Mesquite, make sure you pay a visit to Samuell Farm. If you want to find out what’s there and why you should visit, then read on. We’ll also discuss its hours and location. Afterwards, you can go and check it out in person.

What’s At Samuell Farm
There is a lot to do and see while at the park, which was once a farm. You can do a bit of group camping, grilling and have a picnic there. There is a playground on-site, as well as a lake and a pond. For those who are fans of walking, you will be pleased to know there are several trails within the park, which sits on 609 acres.

As previously mentioned, the park is large. If you plan on going, try to get there early. You can easily spend an entire day at Samuell Farm.

What Do Reviews Say About It
On Google, there are nearly 200 reviews and the park’s rating is 4 1/2 stars out of five, which means that the majority of reviews are positive in nature. Many people describe the park as being peaceful. Generally speaking, a lot of people are fans of the scenery it offers and the quietness of the place.

Hours & Location
The park is located right on 100 US-80, and it is open seven days per week. If you plan on visiting, then make sure you do so between the hours of nine in the morning and five in the afternoon. Those are the hours it is open, but feel free to visit on any day of the week.

As you can see, Samuell Farm is a great park that everyone who visits Dallas County should go to. If you have never been to Samuell Farm, then go there as soon as possible. The chances are you’ll love it.

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