Belmont Neighborhood

Belmont is one of the small neighborhoods in Olathe, Kansas. It stretches from W South Street and Cherry Street to W and E Oak Street. It is a family-friendly area that is perfect for couples with children. In fact, there are three different schools in the neighborhood. These schools include the Central Elementary School, Oregon Trail Middle School, and Olathe North Sr High School. The schools have exceptional ratings from students and parents that are pleased with the curriculum, anti-bullying policies, and the extracurricular activities that are offered.

The Belmont neighborhood is a safe place to live in Olathe, Kansas, because it is known for its low crime rate. People can feel much safer and more secure when living in the area. Many of the different homes that are spread out throughout this neighborhood are single-family homes, some of which are just a bit larger than others. Most of the properties in the area have huge front lawns with lush green grass, big driveways, and plenty of garage space available for the homeowners.

The neighborhood is just a very short distance from Southglen Park, a place where people can go to enjoy nature and relax outdoors while soaking up all the good weather. There are banks, florists, and even different shopping centers within short proximity from the neighborhood, making it easier for residents to get what they need from anywhere when riding around in a vehicle or even on a bicycle.

Most people love the Belmont neighborhood because it is a clean, spacious, family-friendly place to live. The homes in the area are big and beautiful, and most people that live there are friendly with one another. It is a great place for anyone to move to when they are looking for a low-crime neighborhood in the city of Olathe.

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