About Black Bob Park

If you are moving to Olathe in Kansas and you want to find the best park, be sure to visit Black Bob Park. The park is huge and it has a lot of great features that make it perfect for families and for people who just want to get out and enjoy nature and do some exercise.

Black Bob Park is a great place to exercise and spend time with family since it has a lot of seating and plenty of grills when you are ready to cook. The shelter even has electricity and lights if you are planning a party and it is going to be dark. The shelters are first come first served so make sure to get there early if you want to get one. This park is popular and the shelters get taken fast so you need to be ready to act quickly.

The shelters are the perfect place for a large party since each shelter can seat up to 16 people. Each shelter also has its own grill so you can do all of the cooking and enjoy a great meal while you are having your party.

There is a playground for the kids and there is also a swimming pool. If you want to exercise you can walk the trail that also has a fitness course. This park makes it easy to get fit.

There is a miniature golf course that you can enjoy. If you like to play sports you will find a basketball court and four different baseball fields that are all lit up. The softball fields are lit as well. There are six soccer fields and even a fishing pond.

There are plenty of bathrooms and you will find just about everything you need to enjoy outdoor recreation in this area. The park is impressive and it is a great place to spend time and just hang out and exercise. There are so many things that the park has to offer and it is a real treasure in the area. The grounds are always perfectly maintained and the landscaping is beautiful.

The park is a wonderful place to spend a warm afternoon and you can take advantage of the park all year. If you are looking for a park that has a lot to offer and has a lot of different things to do you will really enjoy spending time at Black Bob Park.

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