About Oak Point Park And Nature Preserve

If you are going to be in Plano and you want to enjoy outdoor recreation you want to make sure that you visit Oak Point Park And Nature Preserve in Plano. This park is the largest park in Plano. It is over 800 acres and goes from Parker Road to Los Rio Boulevard. There are miles of trails that are paved and there are also soft trails that you can walk on.

The paved trails are perfect for jogging with a jogging stroller and they are also perfect for riding a bike. You can get a lot of bike riding in at this park and the trails are flat and smooth. There are lots of nature trails to explore and the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

You can have a barbeque at the pavillion and it is the perfect place to have a party with a lot of people. You have to reserve the pavillion because the park is very popular. There are lots of outdoor activities you can do at the park. Kayaking and paddle boarding is very popular. You can rent watercraft or bring your own to the park.

You have a lot of things you can do in the park. There are also lots of animals that you can see when you go there. There park is a great place to be and it is also a fun place to go with kids. If you like to ride bikes you definitely want to visit this park. The park is beautiful and it is a great place to walk the dogs. Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is a wonderful place to spend time. This park is a great place to spend a lot of time and you are going to love spending time at this park.

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