Willow Ridge Neighborhood

Prosper, Texas, is a suburban town that is known for being home to the extremely affluent and wealthy. An outer suburb of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, this is a town known as being quite well off with large neighborhood sections being organized by a series of gated or private communities, each with it’s own neighborhood association, community identity, and professional management team for quality of life. Willow Ridge is one of several outstanding neighborhoods within the Prosper community.

Residents and visitors alike are greeted by a beautifully done stone sign accentuated with water work, and one thing that jumps out immediately about this private Texas community are the multiple private parks complete with artificial ponds, healthy grass and trees, great walking trails interspersed with benches in shady spot and plenty of ducks and geese who appreciate the water as well.

This sets the stage for a beautiful neighborhood with a stone built main office, customized homes surrounded by beautiful yards and brilliant landscaping, and the perfect blend of open community and privacy. This is a town with community and style built in mind. The community pool is above and beyond what most people expect when they imagine a community pool and includes shaded lounging areas so everyone can enjoy themselves in style. There is a private playground for children, and the well-maintained nature of each property lets you know you are living by individuals who care as much for their homes as the surrounding community as you do.

There are plenty of places that refer to themselves as a truly great private community or luxury accommodations but few live up to those lofty descriptions. The least expensive listings start in the $400,000 to $500,000 range and move up from there. Willow Ridge Neighborhood is a truly special place in the town of Prosper, a town that is used to seeing truly remarkable communities.

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